Listed below are three of the most common applications for the 3"x4"x3/16",3"x4 x1/4", 5"x7"x1/4", 4"x5"x1/4" and the 1 1/4"x6"x3/16" Wear Plates:
  • When spacing plates a distance apart, weld center hole first, then follow Diagram #1
  • For full coverage, weld center hold and then corners as illustrated in Diagram #2
  • The 90 Edge Protector is applied as in #1, except for a 1/2" weld in place of the spot weld. The Tuf-Stuf Strips spot weld near the edge at center (see diagram #3) and on both ends
  • The 5" x 7" x 1/4" and 4" x 5" x 1/4" can be applied as in Diagram #4

Each user can vary the welding technique depending upon impact and abrasion. Welding rod, such as 7018, can be used very effectively when welding Tuf-Stuf Wear Plates . Higher alloy rods can be applied if it appears the weld could wear before the plate completes its useful life. When welding Tuf-Stuf Wear Plates maintain the lowest interpass temperature possible. Excessive heat will remove the high hardness from the plates, thus reducing field life. Skip welding is an ideal application method.